Monday, December 3, 2012


Banh Mi Boys


Sugar Marmalade


Spin Cafe



  1. so you just decided to kill me by posting all the pictures at once. Momofuku, got an ad in the mail for it and still need to try. You must have a lot of friends because youre always with so many people at restaurants!

    I give up on demetres. I hate the decor and they haven't changed the menu for 10 years at least. It's so "going to a restaurant that looks exactly the same as when you went as a younger person" type of feel. Agree?

  2. Hope youre doing well, thanks for saying hi a while back too. I'm alright.. work is stressful and I wish I was back in school. Oh mysterious ilovechocolate I hope you never stop blogging. I would truly wonder what youre up to if you did.

    make sure you take a ton of pictures if you go back to hk. And try the refrigerated vitasoy vending machines :) HEHE.